Organizational Mindset

Either alone or in conjunction with its strategic partners, PRIMA may assist in the design, implementation, and monitoring of internal initiatives intended to bolster key internal constituencies’ commitment to the client’s stakeholder engagement efforts. Target constituencies may include the Board of Directors, senior corporate managers, country managers, corporate diplomacy specialists, etc. An Organizational Mindset engagement typically includes (but need not be limited to) executive training.

The programs listed below may be offered in either a three-hour format including lecture and discussion; a six-hour format including lecture, discussion, and an experiential exercise; or a multi-day format including a sustained exercise. Exercises can be customized by industry or firm and may involve stakeholder management challenges identified by the client. Programs may also be adapted for different audiences (e.g., Board of Directors vs. senior management teams).

>> Global Strategy in a Spiky World

>> Four Scenarios for the Global Economy of 2020

>> Corporate Diplomacy: Overview

>> Stakeholder Due Diligence

>> Calculating the Net Present Value of Stakeholder Engagement

>> Building Trust with Stakeholders

>> Strategic Communications

>> Organizational Mindset

>> Baraka Stakeholder Business Development Simulation

>> Kerovka Stakeholder Crisis Management Simulation

For examples of training programs see the Corporate Diplomacy website and the Rio Tinto Stakeholder Engagement Academy